Sunday, June 04, 2006

Educating the Ignorant

So today I’m with my friend and were driving and he past a gas station that had regular gas price that read $4.93 I looked like oh shit if that isn’t the highest I seen gas I don’t know what to say. I’m glad I’m not a driver, I turned to him and said. He looked at me and he started to talk about he doesn’t get why the prices are so high and that if they suppose to be fighting for oil then shit they need to hurry up. Perfect timing for me to start some homework. So I pulled the conversation to a new level. I was like wow funny that you said that but can I tell you something the government isn’t telling you. I started to educate him about the fact that oil is actually at its peak and that we are at the point were only the bad oil is left. I also told him that we use oil for a lot of things and that oil is the cheapest thing to purchase. He was like for real shit where can I go to purchase this cheap oil. I told him no the point is we should start preparing ourselves for our death. He looked at me like I was crazy. But I had my game face on I wanted to convince him but in a scary way. He said are you on drugs nobody is going to die because were running out of oil. I said yes because what is going to help the factories run? What are we going to do with out pesticides to water or infected food? Who’s going to make those sneakers that you wear the bottle to the soda you drink out of? and what is going to supply you with gas for this truck you drive? He said all of those things are dependent on oil. I said yes ass. He looked at me like I was crazy again after that I gave up.
I guess the thing I did wrong was try to get him to understand that were going to die but that didn’t work. That made him try to redirect the conversation more and more. My next attempt in trying to educate someone on peak oil is to try to pull them into a conversation fist and see their understanding on peak oil and if they are aware and if they are then elaborate more into it and see their view if they aren’t educated im going to try to get them down with our belief and this time I won’t force it down their throat.

Responses To Granny

I found myself reading her thoughts and thinking this women kind of sounds like me and what I wrote on my last blog. She mentioned something about a new found hell like I said in my blog before this one. That is what this world is turning to it’s full of greedy ass humans who seem to not want to see the bigger picture of what is really happening. She mentioned a lot of things that I question as well. I also agree with her when she stated “We must create political support organizations in every housing project, to assist people with their immediate needs and build a new base for progressive politics” I agree with her but at the same time I don’t. I look at the neighborhood I come from we have people who aren’t even aware of what is going in the five boroughs. What makes it that easy to offer this and only a handful of people show up. Yes, I do agree that, that may not be a lot but it’s a start but to me that would slow down the process and instead of trying to just educate people all around about peak oil and politics at the same time rather then one thing. I feel that we do need to educate people because not a lot of people are aware or even educated when it comes to politics. I know that I am one of those people I choose to not care about politics because no matter what we do we will never be able to beat them because where living in the matrix.
“Global catastrophe builds upon global catastrophe.” I found this statement really interesting because reality that is what is happening. We are at war and then were running out of oil yeah evryone give it up for our wonderful government. These people who say they are like the best of the best and educated and all are really just a bunch of dumb ass people who have no sense. Why must everything go down hill we don’t care about our environment at all. It seems that when one thing in the world comes a lot comes. The disaster that happened in Fiji and then Hurricane Katrina. Yea even though that is mother nature mother nature is about fed up with all the disrespectful shit we’re doing to her. We don’t take care of our home! “The weakened species, as a whole, finds itself in no position to survive when agricultural systems collapse...” when peak oil hit that is what is going to happen people who aren’t educated or failed to realize that this was coming is going to be the same ones dropping dead like flies in the dead cold. Weak people never survive because they don’t play hard in the game. The strong people who start preparing for tomorrow and not for today will be the same people you will see after the peak oil passes us by if it ever passes us by. People who keep them slaves aware and keep up with everything and actually go out and commit to actually trying to make a difference they will be the ones people run to for help or assistance. I really dying to see what people are going to do with out their SUV’s and their mini vans when peak oil hits. That’s going to be so funny. “Okay kids hop on each wheel hold on tight don’t fall. Aw sorry honey you’ll have to take the other bike.”

Educating My Friends

So I was at my friends house yesterday and she was blowing her hair out and then the power went out. I said to myself this is just the beginning of the energy failure part of peak oil. After about 5 minutes the lights turned back on and she looked at me and asked if I was scared I said no not really because I’m going to be more then prepared if this comes for good next time. She looked at me like what is this crazy girl talking about. Being in this class changed the way I look at a lot of things and how I go about things. Before this class I was so fixed on learning how to drive and getting a car and now that I’ve been getting educate about the universe that I live in I would juts speed up the process of this world coming to an end.
Learning about this to me is now very important. After she finished her hair I figured I would try my best and educate her on peak oil and the results of it if we don’t change. I had mentioned peak oil to her when I first started taking the course because she asked what I was reading and I was reading Power Down so I told her what it was about. We started to talk about how a lot of things that humans do. We depend a lot on oil because it’s the cheapest and efficient energy source. I started to talk about what peak was and how we as people should be very aware of the situation and start to thing of new ways of living and surviving. She seemed interested about what I was talking about because she started to ask about what would be the alternatives. I mentioned to her that some of the alternatives would be to start riding bikes and actually replacing cars with bikes so we can safe oil and stop polluting the air as well. Another alternative would be to try to start gardening at home and learning how to do farming skills because when peak oil hit people would need to know how to farm manually and do things that they use machines for we would have to train people to do by hand. I started to explain to her that this would be better because we would be going back in time in the year 2016. Humans in this world would learn to appreciate what they have and how to take care of the world.
Humans forget that the world is our home just like our apartment or house. We don’t mis treat our apartment or house but we mistreat the biggest thing that is a big beneficiary to us which is the earth. If we would start changing our ways now it would be that bad. We would all develop skills that we need to develop and know because that is why we were ut on this earth to work shit. She started to laugh she was impress with what I was learning she felt as if that all high schools needed to educate students about this because this was very important things to know. She even said its funny that the 10 o clock news doesn’t talk about this but they talk about all types of shit that is irrelevant to what is actually going on. She even though that if they taught this to teens it would be good because we are the future and if we start to change people will start to change as well. But the thing is to me it doesn’t matter who starts to change humans are fucking stubborn. They do what they want to do they do realize shit until the last minute making then stupid and a little bit to late to make a difference. If we get people to at least listen we would be able to like Professor said in class “Touch” people and get them to understand how important this really is and how this is going to affect not only one person but everybody and we would be better off just giving everybody a gun and telling people to kill themselves and we all just meet up in hell and we would be some assed out people.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Response to Manny

You mentioned something that I thought was really important. You mentioned that you wanted to learn how to cook using solar power. I feel that you trying to make alternative ways of living is actually very good because your benefitting yourself and your family. Form what I read it seemed like you wanted to learn how to do things to teach your future for their own good if they were o one day go through this because you know history does repeats itself. While watching this documentary about Cuba I also questioned myself about if they did bring in more income what would the money do for them because (correct me if I’m wrong) wouldn’t the prices of things be extremely high and wouldn’t they want to safe money for better and more high priorities instead of food if they are growing food? Also agree with you on the farming part I felt that its funny how we humans depend so much on these man made objects and machines to do the job. But before these machines were in the places they were in what did we do we did it manually and I felt that it was good that peak oil hit and really even though I don’t want it to hit I think these damn Humans will appreciate mother nature better because all they do is abuse it don’t you think?

Response to Barry

Ha, that’s funny people would have a gang member as there boss. I agree with you though I think that a lot of people that aren’t from America will try there best to go back to were they came from or have there family members from where they came from send then plane tickets. But at the same time like Emily said that would be involve oil. So reality is maybe people who are from other countries would have to find ways to safe and take care of themselves form the time being. Like I mentioned in one of my blogs if immigrants start to safe money individually and not in the bank maybe they will have enough money to afford to go back to where they came from. But my best bet is Mexicans would be pretty lucky because they can drive to there country. Come to think of it anybody who is from South America or Central America can drive but shit they would really need a lot of money for that gas (if there is oil left over)

Response To Solomon

I agree with you a 100%. When you leave Andy’s class doesn’t it have you in a type of depress mood. I feel like that only a hand people are getting educated on this topic and its going to be like a bee stick right in you eye unexpected and people are going to feel the pain. I think about the people that don’t have either what will be the outcome. So it will just be a cycle right. People who start to invest now and during inflation will have money and the rich people who aren’t smart would become the new poor people don’t you think. I like this blog because I liked that you mentioned that Andy had you thinking for a while. I think this class had everyone thinking and Andy has us coming home really thinking about shit and the outcome of this country “America”.
However its up to us to create a change and actually do something in this world. Don’t you think it would be cool if we like did a project with the social change class and tried to get these dumb ass New Yorker’s educated about what really is going on and that good old bike would be there new best friend soon?

Peak Oil and My Family

So I think on Tuesday or Wednesday I was talking to my parents about peak oil and how they felt about it. Now that I kind of understand it I wanted to share my knowledge with them. I explain to them that we may be at our point of using up all the oil in the country. My mother had jumped up and started going crazy she had actually had started to invest with Exxon oil industry. She asked me if that was good and I told her did she do her research to see if they had a good amount of oil left she was like no that she would get on it and research other companies to see how much oil they had left over. We started to talk about well if that happen we were all going to just buy tickets to Honduras and live out there and have a better living then America. My father didn’t really look like he knew what my mother and I was talking about he just seemed really lost. My mother said so now that we may be at the peak of our oil what are they going to do about it. I told her that they were trying to find new technology that would extract the left over oil that is in the ground so that would be like the one third that they leave behind when extracting oil. She said wow so I guess people should stop having babes because it won’t be any oil left over that child to consume. Which was funny that she mentioned that because I had went through the reading of Dr. Al really quickly and noticed he mentioned something about. She didn’t understand why the government wasn’t trying to let the people that this was happening so people can start changing their ways a little bit at least. That has been my question from when I first sat in that class things that people need to know they don’t let people know on the ten o clock news. Then my father came out of no were and said what is the news suppose to say Americans were running out of oil so get ready to die.
He didn’t seem like he was paying attention but he was he said something about that if anything we wouldn’t have to worry because we have another country we can go to. I looked at him and wonder yes okay and so what but what about when the plain tickets get sky high and it not affordable what are we going to do next. We have no choice but to try to change now he said your right we do. I told him that was my main reason for bring this to their attention they need tp know this because while rent is going up other things are going up too. After we had a talk about if anything we will keep money away in the house somewhere and safe for that dry day that will come soon we would have money to buy tickets and leave. My father said oh by the way im thinking of buying another car. I told him what type of shit is that after what I told you, you want to go out and buy another car. Just like something that I heard the other day “I will go down on you and make you extremely happy. But only long enough til you think it’s gonna get better, then I’ll come back up and fuck you. Sincerely, gas prices.”

Reaction to Peak Oil In Cuba

While watching this documentary I wonder about the other Caribbean countries that may go through this. Most of these countries have a big advantage over the united states because most of the population have there own way of growing food. Now since a lot of these countries are becoming more modern and a lot of cities are being built. I thought about Honduras a lot while watching this because a lot of wealthy people are staring to buy land that belongs to these people who don’t have much to build these extraordinary homes and the people need this land to farm and build their crops. So if peak oil was hit there what would happen. Now that I think about it I want to investigate if there near there oil peak. I know for a fact that my next door neighbors in Honduras wouldn’t have a problem because she doesn’t believe electricity at all so she wouldn’t have a problem.
The people in Cuba really didn’t have any idea that this would last as long as it did. I felt that people tried to survive more because they didn’t know when this crisis was going to come to an end. The fact that people start to find alternatives really impressed me and I felt that people in that country are real survivors. I feel in America were going to have people thinking they have it made that they can just go and get food from some people free at charge. But a lot of Americans are selfish and ignorant and at a time like that they wouldn’t care what you are willing to offer. Or maybe they would? That was cool that other countries donated bikes and people started to work. Even though they had deaths I feel the people who did survive had more of their physical health built due to all the labor they had t do and the biking and walking due to the limited amount of transportation to get around. Humans do the more to try to survive when things are down but when things are fine they don’t tend to thing about tomorrow. My mom always says that thing about tomorrow and your future today is not here to stay. So if more people in the higher up authorities would think like that they would maybe a little better.
Cuba did a good job at maintaining everything during there peak oil time. From what it looked like they increased a lot of things for the better of everyone and even had people helping people to farm and create food for their families and having individual harvesting.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dr Albert Bartlett: Arithmetic Population and Energy

I found this very interesting. I never really realized that 7% had went a long way. If we started to pay attention to this 7% way back then maybe we would have enough oil to last us. Now by reading this in a way I that we may have hit peak oil. I feel this way because he mentioned something about from 1981 to 1991 in all of history would add up to a thousand billion barrels. Being only amount a thousand billion left over. So when I go back to what we read about we produce 305 million barrels a year. I looked at it this way since 15 years had past and we produce about 305 barrels of oil a year that means that we have produced about four thousand five hundred seventy-five billion barrels in the last 15 years so that means our peak either is near or were at it now.
Thinking of how society is and how our population growth has been increasing the oil production may have increased as well. Also our need for electricity as Dr. Bartlett said it double every 10 to 12 years so that will also add on to our oil production causing oil industries to produce and dig out more oil. So according to my theory I may be wrong I may be right but at the same time a to of things can prove and not prove if we have more time to waste and not do anything about this peak oil. What I still question is so if they do discover this oil in the arctic and they do extract that oil what will they do to keep oil away from its peak? Since Dr. Bartlett makes it seems that the Government just makes it out to seem that we do have a lot of oil and people should nt panic how are people going to get educated about what really is going on. How are thet going to create a way for better energy but not spending big significant amounts of money? One thing that I do agree with Dr. Bartlett is that oil production will go down and will continue to go down. My reason for this is because the united states abuse the oil we have to may things that depend on oil and they don’t know how to reserve it in a very good way. Now if the government looked it this way they need to promote abortions and contraceptives if they want to stay at a zero growth rate. (Need to revise and add on)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Better Technology Extraction

There seem to be many ways you can get oil and there is a lot of research in trying to find better ways of getting oil. Richard Sears vice president of Shell exploration production stated that since we only extract about two-thirds of oil we leave about one third behind. He figured since about one third is left behind in the grains of the sand. He figured if we could inject water and steam or maybe even carbon dioxide we could extract that one third. Now if that worked that would be about one percent oil extracted, and that would be equivalent to another oil plant added to the oil production. The thing with this procedure its pretty pricey but if the gas rate continues to stay at the high price that they are a now this method may be considered according to Sears. (
Another method mention is drilling holes in the rocks, which would cause more energy and be more efficient and faster then the mechanical drills to extract oil. By drilling these holes, it would allow oil companies to drill deeper and recover economically oil. Another, method would be by trapping oil inside the tiny pores in the rock and using electromechanical energy to disrupt the surface force between the oil and the rock. However, even though they say that its less expensive according to what I have been learning in class the deeper the oil the thicker it is so how are they going to extract that oil. Well continuing to read this article they mentioned something about microbes. According to test, the microbes would work by digesting the long hydrocarbons of thick oil into shorter lighter ones that flow more readily.
What I would say that I would believe is that the microbes would be a good solution to extracting that hard to get oil. I say that because according to Luca Technologies Inc, which is located in Denver Colorado, has been doing laboratory research with anaerobic microbe or bacteria that live in oxygen are turning the coals in northeast Wyoming into methane. Robert Pfeiffer president and chief executive officer of Luca’s they have been researching with the microbes and coal and have discover that coal can create natural gas. Therefore, if they have been doing all this research on new ways to extract oil where are they going to get the money? (
While researching through these articles and looking up ways, they would be able to get money. Not one of the sites stated anything about the oil peak. By putting a little of my knowledge of what I know. I’m figuring what’s likely to happen is the oil peak would be near but it would be pushed back about 7 years maybe more. Scientist oil industries will be finding and using new ways to extract more oil and preserve the left over oil by steaming. This would be one technique that would work because it seems that oil prices have only been getting high and not been decreasing.
What I feel is unlikely but possible is air travel and automobiles. They way this world was made air travel has become something that is highly dependable. However, by eliminating air travel and automobiles it can be possible but what will the government do without it. If they do eliminate air way and automobiles it will only be the wealth. They would raise the prices of automobiles that go out or they would make them more advance. Making it only possible that only the wealthy can purchase automobiles. As well as air travel they would raise the prices of tickets but I doubt they would raise them at a insignificant figure that I only the wealthy can purchase but at a price that the average American would have to work hard to afford a plane ticket to travel or to go back to their native country.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Peak Skeptics

All together both articles have seemed to have a different out take on if oil peak is near or if we will reach oil peak. In that article about oil peak is not near on I felt that the writer disagrees with a lot of geologist and their theories on oil peak. He states how according to Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) oil production will actually increase in a few years. We would be producing 1 million barrels a day from now to 2010. However in the presentation on it seemed that according to their estimates and theory that from 2000 to 2030 we will go from 205 barrels a day to about 335 barrels a day. As I read through these articles I’m still stuck on what they are trying to say. The economist article I feel is more with the fact that oil peak is no where near and that with the budget development people who are saying that we have reached our oil peak are just over running the topic and is having people think wrong. But in the book Power Down by Richard Heinberg he mentioned that production peaks happen in individual oil fields and it’s a known fact that a good amount of them have already reached their maximum and is now declining. So is oil peak really true? or is people talking to talk?
In the exxon mobil presentation and the economist both state that there is going to be a growth in oil. Both articles states that oil will increase but in the exxon mobil it states that oil will increase by 1. 6 percent each year. In the economist it shows a chart that has the growth of oil in the next 4 years which I feel is more efficient then the exxon mobil theory. I’m not sure that if OPEC (oil production capacity) is the same as OECD (the organization for economic cooperation and development) but they both state countries that are affiliated with the oil production organizations. I feel that after reading these two articles im still confuse with what to think I feel that this whole thing is just another way for scientist to get in peoples head and fuck with the humans mind. I also feel it’s a way to tell humans that if you don’t be careful you going to run out of oil and ideas. Some of the writers like Heinburg makes it seem as if oil is our water and if we don’t conserve it were going to die but we all know there is an alternative to the way we live and they way we have been living. I want to get a better understanding of this “oil peak” because right now it’s just something im writing about then actually having knowledge of it and writing about

Collapsing Social Structure

The worst experience I would say that I have ever had with a collapsing social structure was the time of the electrical blackout in the summer of 2003. This was a time of year where no one didn’t think of anything but being safe and trying to maintain calm. The worst part was the train that I was riding had stopped in the tunnel but only the first two carts had made it far enough to allow people to exit the train. People thought that this was another New York public transportation dilemma and that they were having electrical problems. Since I figured that the train would take awhile I decided to take the bus. As I exit to the street to take the bus uptown. That is when I realized that neither the walking sign lights were on or the traffic lights. I turned to ask someone what was going on but people were already talking about. When I proceeded to the bus stop people were standing there not even observing what was going on.
Being on the bus was a disaster at this time the bus was so packed people started to literally hold each other together to fit more people on the bus. Due to the fact that the lights weren’t working I felt the bus driver that was driving the bus had did a wonderful job in driving safely and allowing other cars and other traffic to proceed. However as we got further uptown toward the 50th street mark you saw people on the street trying to rob stores. People who were trying to get on the bus was being rude about getting on the bus and pushing people and demanding that people get off the bus. People started to get aggravated due to the excessive body heat on the bus and the heat outside. I was even overwhelmed with the way people were talking to each other. The city looked like a sense straight out of a thriller movie. People were running around like a chicken without a head.
When I came to my stop on 125th street, due to the overload in traffic they started to closed down bridges and I had no place to go but to my friends home. I searched for a pay phone to try to call my mom and let her know that I was okay but when I did find one there was a line for the phone and that line consists of about 20 people. Everything seemed to be falling all at the same time stores were closing. However some stores were giving out things due to the fact that there was no electricity they started to give away ice pops and dairy foods. Though some stores were giving out free things the Chinese restaurant was still cooking and selling the food as well as the local fried chicken store. As night approached some people in the local housing projects started to grill and set up camp. Since the neighborhood I was in had a lot of elderly people who were either in wheelchairs or crutches they sat in front of the building in the dark the whole night. Other people were going around performing criminal behaviors that they normally wouldn’t do such as robbing people and setting trees and grass on fire. The “ghetto” as society calls it had went ludicrous. These people had actually did what statistics expected the “ghetto” to do, destroy things and act like animals.
A systematic breakdown in the environment that I was in would have gotten. People would started to live as if the world was near its ending days. The elder crowd would be force to live outside as well a the disabled people because they have no way of getting to there homes to rest. People would start to do criminal activities robbing people who has any thing and not caring who these people are. People would have a issue with listening to authority and actually doing what they say. This will cause a riot, making the situation out of hand. Knowing how society is they will start arresting people who wouldn’t be corporative of what they are instructing people to do. Also I feel people would after awhile start to live like savages. Humans would start to find ways to keep themselves from harm even if it involved stepping on people or hurting people or even leaving people behind. Businessess would go out of business due to no electrcity and no way of generating any sale. However I feel if stores did open people would be tempted to rob the stores due to no power and the possibility of it being out for a while.