Sunday, May 07, 2006

Better Technology Extraction

There seem to be many ways you can get oil and there is a lot of research in trying to find better ways of getting oil. Richard Sears vice president of Shell exploration production stated that since we only extract about two-thirds of oil we leave about one third behind. He figured since about one third is left behind in the grains of the sand. He figured if we could inject water and steam or maybe even carbon dioxide we could extract that one third. Now if that worked that would be about one percent oil extracted, and that would be equivalent to another oil plant added to the oil production. The thing with this procedure its pretty pricey but if the gas rate continues to stay at the high price that they are a now this method may be considered according to Sears. (
Another method mention is drilling holes in the rocks, which would cause more energy and be more efficient and faster then the mechanical drills to extract oil. By drilling these holes, it would allow oil companies to drill deeper and recover economically oil. Another, method would be by trapping oil inside the tiny pores in the rock and using electromechanical energy to disrupt the surface force between the oil and the rock. However, even though they say that its less expensive according to what I have been learning in class the deeper the oil the thicker it is so how are they going to extract that oil. Well continuing to read this article they mentioned something about microbes. According to test, the microbes would work by digesting the long hydrocarbons of thick oil into shorter lighter ones that flow more readily.
What I would say that I would believe is that the microbes would be a good solution to extracting that hard to get oil. I say that because according to Luca Technologies Inc, which is located in Denver Colorado, has been doing laboratory research with anaerobic microbe or bacteria that live in oxygen are turning the coals in northeast Wyoming into methane. Robert Pfeiffer president and chief executive officer of Luca’s they have been researching with the microbes and coal and have discover that coal can create natural gas. Therefore, if they have been doing all this research on new ways to extract oil where are they going to get the money? (
While researching through these articles and looking up ways, they would be able to get money. Not one of the sites stated anything about the oil peak. By putting a little of my knowledge of what I know. I’m figuring what’s likely to happen is the oil peak would be near but it would be pushed back about 7 years maybe more. Scientist oil industries will be finding and using new ways to extract more oil and preserve the left over oil by steaming. This would be one technique that would work because it seems that oil prices have only been getting high and not been decreasing.
What I feel is unlikely but possible is air travel and automobiles. They way this world was made air travel has become something that is highly dependable. However, by eliminating air travel and automobiles it can be possible but what will the government do without it. If they do eliminate air way and automobiles it will only be the wealth. They would raise the prices of automobiles that go out or they would make them more advance. Making it only possible that only the wealthy can purchase automobiles. As well as air travel they would raise the prices of tickets but I doubt they would raise them at a insignificant figure that I only the wealthy can purchase but at a price that the average American would have to work hard to afford a plane ticket to travel or to go back to their native country.


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