Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Collapsing Social Structure

The worst experience I would say that I have ever had with a collapsing social structure was the time of the electrical blackout in the summer of 2003. This was a time of year where no one didn’t think of anything but being safe and trying to maintain calm. The worst part was the train that I was riding had stopped in the tunnel but only the first two carts had made it far enough to allow people to exit the train. People thought that this was another New York public transportation dilemma and that they were having electrical problems. Since I figured that the train would take awhile I decided to take the bus. As I exit to the street to take the bus uptown. That is when I realized that neither the walking sign lights were on or the traffic lights. I turned to ask someone what was going on but people were already talking about. When I proceeded to the bus stop people were standing there not even observing what was going on.
Being on the bus was a disaster at this time the bus was so packed people started to literally hold each other together to fit more people on the bus. Due to the fact that the lights weren’t working I felt the bus driver that was driving the bus had did a wonderful job in driving safely and allowing other cars and other traffic to proceed. However as we got further uptown toward the 50th street mark you saw people on the street trying to rob stores. People who were trying to get on the bus was being rude about getting on the bus and pushing people and demanding that people get off the bus. People started to get aggravated due to the excessive body heat on the bus and the heat outside. I was even overwhelmed with the way people were talking to each other. The city looked like a sense straight out of a thriller movie. People were running around like a chicken without a head.
When I came to my stop on 125th street, due to the overload in traffic they started to closed down bridges and I had no place to go but to my friends home. I searched for a pay phone to try to call my mom and let her know that I was okay but when I did find one there was a line for the phone and that line consists of about 20 people. Everything seemed to be falling all at the same time stores were closing. However some stores were giving out things due to the fact that there was no electricity they started to give away ice pops and dairy foods. Though some stores were giving out free things the Chinese restaurant was still cooking and selling the food as well as the local fried chicken store. As night approached some people in the local housing projects started to grill and set up camp. Since the neighborhood I was in had a lot of elderly people who were either in wheelchairs or crutches they sat in front of the building in the dark the whole night. Other people were going around performing criminal behaviors that they normally wouldn’t do such as robbing people and setting trees and grass on fire. The “ghetto” as society calls it had went ludicrous. These people had actually did what statistics expected the “ghetto” to do, destroy things and act like animals.
A systematic breakdown in the environment that I was in would have gotten. People would started to live as if the world was near its ending days. The elder crowd would be force to live outside as well a the disabled people because they have no way of getting to there homes to rest. People would start to do criminal activities robbing people who has any thing and not caring who these people are. People would have a issue with listening to authority and actually doing what they say. This will cause a riot, making the situation out of hand. Knowing how society is they will start arresting people who wouldn’t be corporative of what they are instructing people to do. Also I feel people would after awhile start to live like savages. Humans would start to find ways to keep themselves from harm even if it involved stepping on people or hurting people or even leaving people behind. Businessess would go out of business due to no electrcity and no way of generating any sale. However I feel if stores did open people would be tempted to rob the stores due to no power and the possibility of it being out for a while.


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