Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peak Oil and My Family

So I think on Tuesday or Wednesday I was talking to my parents about peak oil and how they felt about it. Now that I kind of understand it I wanted to share my knowledge with them. I explain to them that we may be at our point of using up all the oil in the country. My mother had jumped up and started going crazy she had actually had started to invest with Exxon oil industry. She asked me if that was good and I told her did she do her research to see if they had a good amount of oil left she was like no that she would get on it and research other companies to see how much oil they had left over. We started to talk about well if that happen we were all going to just buy tickets to Honduras and live out there and have a better living then America. My father didn’t really look like he knew what my mother and I was talking about he just seemed really lost. My mother said so now that we may be at the peak of our oil what are they going to do about it. I told her that they were trying to find new technology that would extract the left over oil that is in the ground so that would be like the one third that they leave behind when extracting oil. She said wow so I guess people should stop having babes because it won’t be any oil left over that child to consume. Which was funny that she mentioned that because I had went through the reading of Dr. Al really quickly and noticed he mentioned something about. She didn’t understand why the government wasn’t trying to let the people that this was happening so people can start changing their ways a little bit at least. That has been my question from when I first sat in that class things that people need to know they don’t let people know on the ten o clock news. Then my father came out of no were and said what is the news suppose to say Americans were running out of oil so get ready to die.
He didn’t seem like he was paying attention but he was he said something about that if anything we wouldn’t have to worry because we have another country we can go to. I looked at him and wonder yes okay and so what but what about when the plain tickets get sky high and it not affordable what are we going to do next. We have no choice but to try to change now he said your right we do. I told him that was my main reason for bring this to their attention they need tp know this because while rent is going up other things are going up too. After we had a talk about if anything we will keep money away in the house somewhere and safe for that dry day that will come soon we would have money to buy tickets and leave. My father said oh by the way im thinking of buying another car. I told him what type of shit is that after what I told you, you want to go out and buy another car. Just like something that I heard the other day “I will go down on you and make you extremely happy. But only long enough til you think it’s gonna get better, then I’ll come back up and fuck you. Sincerely, gas prices.”


Blogger Solomon said...

hahaha, this entry had me laughing for a while. I had about the similar experience when I tried talking to my mom about it as well. The whole time I was trying to educate her about how important oil is and what will happen when it runs out in the next 20 years, and the whole time it seemed as if she were just faking her understanding of it just so it could shut me up. It's one of the reasons why I feel like society can't be educated about the oil peak unless they experience the problem first hand [ie: they own a car and they're wondering why the gas prices are going up along with almost everything else in society].

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