Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Peak Skeptics

All together both articles have seemed to have a different out take on if oil peak is near or if we will reach oil peak. In that article about oil peak is not near on www.economist.com I felt that the writer disagrees with a lot of geologist and their theories on oil peak. He states how according to Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) oil production will actually increase in a few years. We would be producing 1 million barrels a day from now to 2010. However in the presentation on www.exxonmobil.com it seemed that according to their estimates and theory that from 2000 to 2030 we will go from 205 barrels a day to about 335 barrels a day. As I read through these articles I’m still stuck on what they are trying to say. The economist article I feel is more with the fact that oil peak is no where near and that with the budget development people who are saying that we have reached our oil peak are just over running the topic and is having people think wrong. But in the book Power Down by Richard Heinberg he mentioned that production peaks happen in individual oil fields and it’s a known fact that a good amount of them have already reached their maximum and is now declining. So is oil peak really true? or is people talking to talk?
In the exxon mobil presentation and the economist both state that there is going to be a growth in oil. Both articles states that oil will increase but in the exxon mobil it states that oil will increase by 1. 6 percent each year. In the economist it shows a chart that has the growth of oil in the next 4 years which I feel is more efficient then the exxon mobil theory. I’m not sure that if OPEC (oil production capacity) is the same as OECD (the organization for economic cooperation and development) but they both state countries that are affiliated with the oil production organizations. I feel that after reading these two articles im still confuse with what to think I feel that this whole thing is just another way for scientist to get in peoples head and fuck with the humans mind. I also feel it’s a way to tell humans that if you don’t be careful you going to run out of oil and ideas. Some of the writers like Heinburg makes it seem as if oil is our water and if we don’t conserve it were going to die but we all know there is an alternative to the way we live and they way we have been living. I want to get a better understanding of this “oil peak” because right now it’s just something im writing about then actually having knowledge of it and writing about


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