Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reaction to Peak Oil In Cuba

While watching this documentary I wonder about the other Caribbean countries that may go through this. Most of these countries have a big advantage over the united states because most of the population have there own way of growing food. Now since a lot of these countries are becoming more modern and a lot of cities are being built. I thought about Honduras a lot while watching this because a lot of wealthy people are staring to buy land that belongs to these people who don’t have much to build these extraordinary homes and the people need this land to farm and build their crops. So if peak oil was hit there what would happen. Now that I think about it I want to investigate if there near there oil peak. I know for a fact that my next door neighbors in Honduras wouldn’t have a problem because she doesn’t believe electricity at all so she wouldn’t have a problem.
The people in Cuba really didn’t have any idea that this would last as long as it did. I felt that people tried to survive more because they didn’t know when this crisis was going to come to an end. The fact that people start to find alternatives really impressed me and I felt that people in that country are real survivors. I feel in America were going to have people thinking they have it made that they can just go and get food from some people free at charge. But a lot of Americans are selfish and ignorant and at a time like that they wouldn’t care what you are willing to offer. Or maybe they would? That was cool that other countries donated bikes and people started to work. Even though they had deaths I feel the people who did survive had more of their physical health built due to all the labor they had t do and the biking and walking due to the limited amount of transportation to get around. Humans do the more to try to survive when things are down but when things are fine they don’t tend to thing about tomorrow. My mom always says that thing about tomorrow and your future today is not here to stay. So if more people in the higher up authorities would think like that they would maybe a little better.
Cuba did a good job at maintaining everything during there peak oil time. From what it looked like they increased a lot of things for the better of everyone and even had people helping people to farm and create food for their families and having individual harvesting.


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