Sunday, May 21, 2006

Response to Barry

Ha, that’s funny people would have a gang member as there boss. I agree with you though I think that a lot of people that aren’t from America will try there best to go back to were they came from or have there family members from where they came from send then plane tickets. But at the same time like Emily said that would be involve oil. So reality is maybe people who are from other countries would have to find ways to safe and take care of themselves form the time being. Like I mentioned in one of my blogs if immigrants start to safe money individually and not in the bank maybe they will have enough money to afford to go back to where they came from. But my best bet is Mexicans would be pretty lucky because they can drive to there country. Come to think of it anybody who is from South America or Central America can drive but shit they would really need a lot of money for that gas (if there is oil left over)


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