Sunday, May 21, 2006

Response to Manny

You mentioned something that I thought was really important. You mentioned that you wanted to learn how to cook using solar power. I feel that you trying to make alternative ways of living is actually very good because your benefitting yourself and your family. Form what I read it seemed like you wanted to learn how to do things to teach your future for their own good if they were o one day go through this because you know history does repeats itself. While watching this documentary about Cuba I also questioned myself about if they did bring in more income what would the money do for them because (correct me if I’m wrong) wouldn’t the prices of things be extremely high and wouldn’t they want to safe money for better and more high priorities instead of food if they are growing food? Also agree with you on the farming part I felt that its funny how we humans depend so much on these man made objects and machines to do the job. But before these machines were in the places they were in what did we do we did it manually and I felt that it was good that peak oil hit and really even though I don’t want it to hit I think these damn Humans will appreciate mother nature better because all they do is abuse it don’t you think?


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