Sunday, May 21, 2006

Response To Solomon

I agree with you a 100%. When you leave Andy’s class doesn’t it have you in a type of depress mood. I feel like that only a hand people are getting educated on this topic and its going to be like a bee stick right in you eye unexpected and people are going to feel the pain. I think about the people that don’t have either what will be the outcome. So it will just be a cycle right. People who start to invest now and during inflation will have money and the rich people who aren’t smart would become the new poor people don’t you think. I like this blog because I liked that you mentioned that Andy had you thinking for a while. I think this class had everyone thinking and Andy has us coming home really thinking about shit and the outcome of this country “America”.
However its up to us to create a change and actually do something in this world. Don’t you think it would be cool if we like did a project with the social change class and tried to get these dumb ass New Yorker’s educated about what really is going on and that good old bike would be there new best friend soon?


Blogger Solomon said...

lol, now I'm agreeing with you 100% too. Andy's class has seriously got every one slaming there heads against there pillows at night thinking about how the world is going to turn out tommorow when there's no oil.

I think you're right about how we need to educate America though. I just don't think it's possible until the problem starts to really affect everyone. This is mainly because, and I mentioned this in my newest blog entry by the way :-D, we've had oil for a significant amount of time and the peak oil theory has been out there since the 1950's... So if it's been out there for that long how could it be possible for us to influence people of an idea that should've influenced them 50 years ago?

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