Sunday, June 04, 2006

Educating the Ignorant

So today I’m with my friend and were driving and he past a gas station that had regular gas price that read $4.93 I looked like oh shit if that isn’t the highest I seen gas I don’t know what to say. I’m glad I’m not a driver, I turned to him and said. He looked at me and he started to talk about he doesn’t get why the prices are so high and that if they suppose to be fighting for oil then shit they need to hurry up. Perfect timing for me to start some homework. So I pulled the conversation to a new level. I was like wow funny that you said that but can I tell you something the government isn’t telling you. I started to educate him about the fact that oil is actually at its peak and that we are at the point were only the bad oil is left. I also told him that we use oil for a lot of things and that oil is the cheapest thing to purchase. He was like for real shit where can I go to purchase this cheap oil. I told him no the point is we should start preparing ourselves for our death. He looked at me like I was crazy. But I had my game face on I wanted to convince him but in a scary way. He said are you on drugs nobody is going to die because were running out of oil. I said yes because what is going to help the factories run? What are we going to do with out pesticides to water or infected food? Who’s going to make those sneakers that you wear the bottle to the soda you drink out of? and what is going to supply you with gas for this truck you drive? He said all of those things are dependent on oil. I said yes ass. He looked at me like I was crazy again after that I gave up.
I guess the thing I did wrong was try to get him to understand that were going to die but that didn’t work. That made him try to redirect the conversation more and more. My next attempt in trying to educate someone on peak oil is to try to pull them into a conversation fist and see their understanding on peak oil and if they are aware and if they are then elaborate more into it and see their view if they aren’t educated im going to try to get them down with our belief and this time I won’t force it down their throat.


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If you hit people with the "we're all going to die rapidly" idea, they are unlikely to consider your arguments plausible. Weird psychological response, it'd be interesting to think about it.

My sense is that the oil IS running out (in the sense that it is being used up and not replaced) but not in the sense that we're about to hit zero oil. Rather the issue is that the extraction won't be able to keep up with demand at today's prices. When amount demanded is higher than amount available, price rises. Of course price rising signals the producers, "hey we can make more money by producing more" - which works well to stabilize prices of normal commodities (think iPods - if Apple stopped making them you could sell yours for a lot of money to one of the many people who want to buy them. But if Apple saw you making $300 off your Shuffle, they would start producing them again). But in the case of oil, the signal "prices high, increase production" will result in an even faster depletion of this non-renewable resource. Which will create yet higher prices, etc. The question is not "What will we do when oil runs out?" but rather seems to be "What will we do when oil (and everything made by oil) gets a LOT more expensive?" In other words, we're looking at big economic effects that might get kind of complicated.

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