Sunday, June 04, 2006

Educating My Friends

So I was at my friends house yesterday and she was blowing her hair out and then the power went out. I said to myself this is just the beginning of the energy failure part of peak oil. After about 5 minutes the lights turned back on and she looked at me and asked if I was scared I said no not really because I’m going to be more then prepared if this comes for good next time. She looked at me like what is this crazy girl talking about. Being in this class changed the way I look at a lot of things and how I go about things. Before this class I was so fixed on learning how to drive and getting a car and now that I’ve been getting educate about the universe that I live in I would juts speed up the process of this world coming to an end.
Learning about this to me is now very important. After she finished her hair I figured I would try my best and educate her on peak oil and the results of it if we don’t change. I had mentioned peak oil to her when I first started taking the course because she asked what I was reading and I was reading Power Down so I told her what it was about. We started to talk about how a lot of things that humans do. We depend a lot on oil because it’s the cheapest and efficient energy source. I started to talk about what peak was and how we as people should be very aware of the situation and start to thing of new ways of living and surviving. She seemed interested about what I was talking about because she started to ask about what would be the alternatives. I mentioned to her that some of the alternatives would be to start riding bikes and actually replacing cars with bikes so we can safe oil and stop polluting the air as well. Another alternative would be to try to start gardening at home and learning how to do farming skills because when peak oil hit people would need to know how to farm manually and do things that they use machines for we would have to train people to do by hand. I started to explain to her that this would be better because we would be going back in time in the year 2016. Humans in this world would learn to appreciate what they have and how to take care of the world.
Humans forget that the world is our home just like our apartment or house. We don’t mis treat our apartment or house but we mistreat the biggest thing that is a big beneficiary to us which is the earth. If we would start changing our ways now it would be that bad. We would all develop skills that we need to develop and know because that is why we were ut on this earth to work shit. She started to laugh she was impress with what I was learning she felt as if that all high schools needed to educate students about this because this was very important things to know. She even said its funny that the 10 o clock news doesn’t talk about this but they talk about all types of shit that is irrelevant to what is actually going on. She even though that if they taught this to teens it would be good because we are the future and if we start to change people will start to change as well. But the thing is to me it doesn’t matter who starts to change humans are fucking stubborn. They do what they want to do they do realize shit until the last minute making then stupid and a little bit to late to make a difference. If we get people to at least listen we would be able to like Professor said in class “Touch” people and get them to understand how important this really is and how this is going to affect not only one person but everybody and we would be better off just giving everybody a gun and telling people to kill themselves and we all just meet up in hell and we would be some assed out people.


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