Sunday, June 04, 2006

Responses To Granny

I found myself reading her thoughts and thinking this women kind of sounds like me and what I wrote on my last blog. She mentioned something about a new found hell like I said in my blog before this one. That is what this world is turning to it’s full of greedy ass humans who seem to not want to see the bigger picture of what is really happening. She mentioned a lot of things that I question as well. I also agree with her when she stated “We must create political support organizations in every housing project, to assist people with their immediate needs and build a new base for progressive politics” I agree with her but at the same time I don’t. I look at the neighborhood I come from we have people who aren’t even aware of what is going in the five boroughs. What makes it that easy to offer this and only a handful of people show up. Yes, I do agree that, that may not be a lot but it’s a start but to me that would slow down the process and instead of trying to just educate people all around about peak oil and politics at the same time rather then one thing. I feel that we do need to educate people because not a lot of people are aware or even educated when it comes to politics. I know that I am one of those people I choose to not care about politics because no matter what we do we will never be able to beat them because where living in the matrix.
“Global catastrophe builds upon global catastrophe.” I found this statement really interesting because reality that is what is happening. We are at war and then were running out of oil yeah evryone give it up for our wonderful government. These people who say they are like the best of the best and educated and all are really just a bunch of dumb ass people who have no sense. Why must everything go down hill we don’t care about our environment at all. It seems that when one thing in the world comes a lot comes. The disaster that happened in Fiji and then Hurricane Katrina. Yea even though that is mother nature mother nature is about fed up with all the disrespectful shit we’re doing to her. We don’t take care of our home! “The weakened species, as a whole, finds itself in no position to survive when agricultural systems collapse...” when peak oil hit that is what is going to happen people who aren’t educated or failed to realize that this was coming is going to be the same ones dropping dead like flies in the dead cold. Weak people never survive because they don’t play hard in the game. The strong people who start preparing for tomorrow and not for today will be the same people you will see after the peak oil passes us by if it ever passes us by. People who keep them slaves aware and keep up with everything and actually go out and commit to actually trying to make a difference they will be the ones people run to for help or assistance. I really dying to see what people are going to do with out their SUV’s and their mini vans when peak oil hits. That’s going to be so funny. “Okay kids hop on each wheel hold on tight don’t fall. Aw sorry honey you’ll have to take the other bike.”


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